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    Commercial Roofing Experts in Seguin, TX

    Keep your Seguin, TX, business running smoothly and expenses in check with professional commercial roofing services from Wolf Roofing and Renovations.

    Wolf Roofing Commercial Roofing

    Commercial roofing has different maintenance and repair requirements than residential roofs, especially when they are flat or have a low pitch. You need help from roofing contractors with experience working with these unique structures when your business’s roof needs maintenance, repairs, or replacement. There’s no better place to turn for commercial roofing in Seguin, TX, than the respected crew at Wolf Roofing and Renovations. 

    We know how important it is to have a strong and reliable roof and the effect that problems can have on business operations and the bottom line. You’re in good hands when you work with our local roofing experts, thanks to:

    • Our specialized roofing services for commercial roofing types
    • Fast and affordable roof replacements that don’t interrupt daily operations
    • Free roof inspections and detailed work estimates 

    Flying debris from strong winds can cause extensive storm damage to commercial roofs. Get peace of mind with a free post-storm roof inspection.

    Fast Repairs for Seguin, TX, Commercial Roofing Systems 

    Most commercial buildings in Seguin have flat roofs with a single-layer membrane. Instead of using asphalt shingles or metal as the outer layer, roofers adhere a membrane made from thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), synthetic rubber (EPDM), neoprene, or PVC to the roof deck. Some single-membrane roofs use modified bitumen instead.

    Built-up roofs are also common for commercial roofing in Seguin, TX. These have layers of asphalt or modified bitumen and roofing felt, held in place with tar. Whatever type of roof you have on your building, the roofing experts of Wolf Roofing and Renovations can handle any need to ensure it’s reliable and weather-tight.  

    Maintenance Services for Long-Lasting Roofs  

    Although the typical residential roof may last 20 years with proper maintenance, taking care of a commercial roofing system can prolong its lifespan by several decades. Our Seguin roofing company has the knowledge and tools to provide specialized maintenance to single-membrane and built-up roofs, so you can feel confident that you won’t have any expensive surprises due to punctures, cracking, mold, pooling water, or other problems.

    Letting professional roofing contractors take care of your building’s roof saves time and money. Our experienced professionals have years of training in the most advanced methods and equipment, ensuring everyone’s safety and the most efficient and cost-effective roof maintenance and repairs possible. 

    Don’t put your business at risk by ignoring the roof. Let Wolf Roofing and Renovations keep it in tip-top shape. 

    Could your business use a boost in curb appeal? Ask us about commercial exterior painting.

    Choose the Roofing Contractor Seguin Businesses Trust 

    Whether you have a relatively new roof on your commercial building or it’s time to replace the existing structure with a new one, Wolf Roofing and Renovations has you covered. Our reputation for exceptional workmanship and service speaks for itself, so call on us for every roofing need. 

    For help with commercial roofing in Seguin, TX, including insurance claim assistance, call (512) 766-7049 to speak with an expert at Wolf Roofing and Renovations.

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    Best service and professionalism from great people. Really great work and I highly recommend.
    Daisy Salazar
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    We bought a home that still had its original roof. Wolf Roofing gave us a great price to upgrade our new home. They used premium materials and made our new home look amazing. Thanks Wolf Roofing.
    Jennifer W.
    5 Stars
    Saved the day! We had a massive leak from storm damage. Wolf Roofing quickly responded to us and helped stop any further damage to the interior of our home. They also provided us with very useful information in regards to the insurance claims process. They made repairing our home quick and easy
    Mark D.
    5 Stars
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